2022 Fall Meeting

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EDs as Superheroes: Solving Wicked Problems in Educational Development and Beyond

Online, November 2–4, 2022

COED is happy to announce this year’s Fall Meeting will take place virtually, November 2–4, 2022. This year’s theme is “EDs as Superheroes: Solving Wicked Problems in Educational Development and Beyond.” Be sure to mark your calendars for this year’s exciting event!

The COED Fall Meeting has always represented a wonderful opportunity to connect with educational development colleagues across the province (and beyond). This year’s event will include both synchronous and asynchronous opportunities for engagement to solve wicked problems in educational development and higher education. Event details will follow closer to the session dates. We look forward to seeing you there!

Download and review the COED Presenter & Participant Guide for Virtual Meetings DOCX.

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In 1973, design theorists Horst Rittel and Melvin Webber introduced the term “wicked problem” in order to draw attention to the complexities and challenges of addressing urban planning and social policy problems. A wicked problem has countless causes, constantly evolves, and has no single correct solution. It can be tamed, however, with the right approach.

In our work as educational developers, we also see problems that we know are wicked – big, constantly evolving, with no easy solution – in our institutions and our work. We would argue that EDs (you!) are pivotal in taming some of these big issues, and we already see the superheroes in the ED community doing work that helps to address wicked problems in higher education.

During the Fall Meeting, we will explore some wicked problems in higher education, discuss what is already happening across the sector to address those problems, and engage in networking opportunities to connect with others who are engaged in the same problem-solving work.

Wednesday, November 2

  • 1 pm–4 pm Curriculum Community of Practice (CoP) Pre-Meeting Session

The Curriculum CoP invites members (and potential new members!) to join them for an afternoon of curriculum conversations. Topics include: getting started with curriculum work, curriculum without learning outcomes, relationship-focused work, solo curriculum workers, fostering engagement, EDI-DA in curriculum work, the hard stuff, leading curriculum work through change, and more!

If you are already part of the Curriculum CoP, Heather will send out an event invite directly via email. If you are new and interested in participating in this session, please send Heather Campbell an email to request a Zoom link to the session.

Thursday, November 3, Fall Meeting Day 1

  • 1 pm–1:30 pm COED Fall Meeting Kick-off
  • 1:40 pm–3 pm Theme Discussion Panel Session
  • 3 pm–4 pm Networking to Solve Wicked Problems

Friday, November 4, Fall Meeting Day 2

  • 9 am–9:20 am Orientation to Day 2
  • 9:30 am–11 am Membership Roundtable Discussions and Networking
  • 11:10 am–12 pm Next Steps and Looking Ahead

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